Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Meet Jen of foolishthings

I am pleased to introduce you to Jen of foolishthings
You can visit her shop here:

What triggers ideas for new projects?
I dont think anyone ever really knows whats going to trigger a new idea. Sometimes they just drop out of the sky out of nowhere, all ready to go. Other times its like watching a person on a bicycle slowly riding towards you. You have an idea, and it slowly gets closer and closer, from a black speck in distance to right in front of you, ready to attempt- fleshed out enough to try. I got an idea at the tire store the other day, waiting for a rotation. Who knows. . . I get ideas throughout the week (maybe on average 6-8) typically though, these ideas are in other mediums (metalwork, glassblowing, paper), but exploring these other ideas beyond a general sketch isnt typically feasible, afterall, the tools required, and materials neccessary, not to mention my possible lack of any execution skills, prevent me (currently) from trying out.

Do you feel that choosing the artist’s life has been a sacrifice?
Living An artists life isnt a sacrifice, its a risk. The true sacifice is when you dont pursue the ideas, dont try out the direction. A career is a plane ride. When you become an accountant or a dentist, you exit the plane when you land at your destination, its safe. You know where youre going to land, what time, how much yearly salary, so on. Go artisitic, same airplane, but you sky dive mid-flight, jumping right out the bay door, hoping your passion and/or talent open your parachute. You dont kmow where youre going to land, or even if you'll survive the jump. So you may not survive the leap, but the view is so much sweeter.

Describe your work area/studio:
My current workspace is in my dining room. I keep telling myself thats how Martha Stewart started out. And if its not, well I dont wanna know. I'm looking for a more appropriate location, because a minimum distance of 1 mile may be required for me to no longer find glitter specs housewide.

Tell me something about you:
The best thing to know about me is I'm happy. I just turned 40 this year, been married for 13 years, I'm a cancer, hate sour patch kids candy, have never been able to do a cartwheel, not a real drinker, and smoke about 4 cigarettes a day. But I'm trying to quit. Really. But probably not today. I'm not an heiress or independently wealthy, which I'm okay with that. I live in a small beach/surf community surrounded by locals that are too fantastic for words. My kids dont lack for love or life, but I wish our schools were better. I feel good about trying something bigger or different to show them I'm not afraid to try and fail. I've succeeded at plenty, so a little failure isnt going to kill me. I get to talk to great people worldwide, like you, who have their own pocket of the world I get to chat with. I like the community idea.