Sunday, November 22, 2009

Meet Donna of Mylingy's Purr-fect Candles.

I am pleased to introduce you to Donna of Mylingy's Purr-fect Candles.
She has a wonderful selection of candles!
You can visit her shop here:

When did you start making candles?
March 2003

Where do you make your candles?
What inspired you?
I make my candles in my kitchen. I have always loved candles and have spent a small fortune buying them. One day, I was entering a sweepstakes online and clicked on a link offering "homemade" candles. The lady said she did not have a storefront store and that she made them in her kitchen. Those were the best candles that I have ever bought!! I went back to her website and found a link to "candlemaking 101". I decided to try making my own candles. I used a "Michaels" 50% off coupon and bought a votive making kit. They came out ok but I wanted something much better so I went to and bought all the "used" candlemaking books I could find. I studied the books and learned a lot but it was still confusing so I went to Candlemaking101 online and found links to candlemking groups and joined as many as I could. I "lurked" most of the time but what I learned from these groups was priceless. I started applying what I had learned and through trial and error and a lot of time and patience, I had found a hobby that fed my passion for candles. I could now create my own. I made so many that I started giving them away to family and friends. Next thing I know, someone wanted to buy a dozen votives. I was told that my candles were the best that these people had ever smelled. This was the beginning of my little company and (to my amazement) it has mushroomed into a website ( ), 2 shops; Etsy and Artfire, and numerous craftshows and festivals. I also sell to church groups.
What is YOUR favorite scent?
Hot Buttered Vanilla.
I now have over 700 fragrances and my little business is continually growing. I make candles in my kitchen but I will soon be moving into one of my bedrooms that my husband is helping me convert into a "shop". This is more than a business to me and I put a little bit of myself into my candles and now I feel that my candles are the best that I have ever tried.

Tell me something about you:
I am a Medical Technologist (20 years). I was in the Air Force for 10 years. I am married and have 2 sons. I love cats, I have 9. I love making candles. It was a hobby that blossomed into a small business. My candles are unique. I blend my own combination of soy and waxes to create a product that I feel is superior to anything I could buy. I even have a "secret ingredient" and the only thing I will say about it other than it improves my candles is that it greatly slows down the burn time so my candles last much longer than other candles. My candles are my "passion". If they brighten another person's day, then I am so happy.