Saturday, March 4, 2017

It is a new day. 

I broke up with the boyfriend. It was a hard decision but the right decision. He wants different things. I have always been unsure if I didn't want them too, or if I just did not want them with him. After a year together, it did not seem fair to continue on with me feeling that way.
I have felt free and relieved ever since, so I know it was the right decision.

This weekend I am working on mermaids. I am hoping a store will start carrying my art. My focus this month is to create enough inventory to present to them. If it doesn't pan out, I always have Etsy. 

Happy Creating!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Bailey, my lab mix likes to explore the neighborhood. She has to be watched closely or she will plan her great escape. I caught her Thursday morning doing just that and was bringing her inside when I tripped over the puppy. I landed on my back on the concrete deck. Of course all the dogs came running to lick me. LOL 

As the day progressed so did my pain. I spent a sleepless night trying to minimize the pain. I called off from work on Friday and finally managed to sleep a bit. Ice/heat combo is helping.

I had hoped to work on glass today but am still feeling sore. Hopefully tomorrow I will be productive.

I am going out with Dave tonight to "escape the quest" and then dinner. Should be fun. Jessica and her boyfriend are going with us. 

I had posted a picture of my new glasses that I purchased on Zenni Only to have my daughter tell me I look 60 in the pic. At 47 that is not what I want to hear. (Side note the glasses were only $25 and I love them!)

Time to focus on getting healthy AND pursuing my passions. 

Tomorrows plan is to work on valentine hearts for my chandelier. I also am working on a cool Valentine gift for my boyfriend. I will post that after I give it to him.

Happy creating everyone!


Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hard to believe that it has been several years since my last post!

I would like to say that I have figured out my life but lets face it...I am a work in progress. The divorce changed my life. It is a struggle being a single mom. I do not always have things under control. However, I am happier than I ever was married. I like being in charge of my own life.

I still consider myself an artist and an animal lover.

I work in a veterinary hospital and most of the time I love my job. I work for a rare place that puts the animal first, before profit. While this means I am not making a lot of $, it also means I can look people in the face and know we charge a fair price and do our best to save animals. That means a lot to me. Always has. The fact that my son works with me as a veterinary tech makes my job even more pleasurable.

My "zoo" has enlarged to five dogs and (gasp) eight cats. My bakers dozen of animals. There is no more room in the inn. Each one that lives here is loved and family. I still volunteer as much as I can for rescues and do my part to save animals. I just cannot take anymore in. LOL.

I am getting back into creating art. I have several projects in the works and will share them here.

I also want to start featuring other artists. So reach out to me at I will gladly feature your art on my blog.

Happy creating!


Monday, October 14, 2013

A new day

Today I find myself reflecting on my childhood. It amazes me that in a lot of ways I have come full circle. As a child, I wandered the hill that I grew up on. I cared for every stray animal that showed up at my door. I spent countless hours outside painting, drawing and daydreaming. The things that brought me joy as a child still bring me joy. I allowed someone to diminish those parts of me. I will never allow that to happen again. I AM an artist. I AM an animal lover. I AM a country girl. I am going to embrace these parts of me and thank God every day for making me talented, compassionate and appreciative of the world around me. I hope this encourages my children to follow their passions.

Today, I am starting my Christmas ornaments. I do not sell the ones I make each year. They are strictly gifts for family and friends. Usually, I choose a subject that represents something of the current year. This year the symbol is very important. It represents an important part of my moving on and finding myself this year.

Time to cut glass and listen to music. What a great start to my day!

I wish you all a happy Monday!


Monday, September 3, 2012

New & exciting things have been listed!
Art Glass BY YM
Visit my store here:

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Meet Rachel From Flyingcheesetoastie on Etsy

Meet Rachel From Flyingcheesetoastie on Etsy
You can visit her shop here:

How many years have you worked with glass?

I have been working with glass in some form or other for about 10 years now. I have a degree in Architectural Glass from Edinburgh College of Art where I graduated in 2007 and I built and opened my own studio in the city in 2009.

What triggers ideas for new projects?

Inspiration for new work broadly falls into two categories; I’ve seen a exhibition or residency or funding call for submission and want to respond directly to that or I have work in mind, whether that’s sculptural or gift related that I simply want to and will make regardless of a destination.

When do ideas come to you? How often?

Ideas come to me all the time, I’ve never not got at least 3 or 4 new concepts I’m thinking about and wanting the time to realise them. I’ve never and hope I never suffer with lack of ideas or artist’s block.

What percentage of the day do you think about or work on your art?

I’m a full time glass artist and this really means 110% of the time. If I’m not in the studio, then I’m working on new designs, ordering materials for new designs, or asleep and dreaming about making new work or flying in the clouds!

Do you create daily?

I try to make daily, this isn’t always the case though, pesky administration takes up far too much time and it necessary evil. I also teach glassmaking in the studio, so sometimes I’m there helping others to create pieces rather than my own. Some days I’m manning a craft fair or other event, trying to sell my wares, which again prevents me from physically making.

How important is it for you to create art?

It’s my life, it’s my outlet, it’s my profession and source of income, it’s what keeps me sane and it’s what feeds the cat (and me on a good day!)

Do you feel that choosing the artist’s life has been a sacrifice?

It think sacrifice is really the wrong word to use, I’ve always had the determination and drive to achieve what I want, even if that’s meant waiting or putting other things on hold. I have chosen the life I lead and I could very easily stop, get a regular 9-5 office job with a regular salary and regular tasks, if I felt that would make me happy, but I doubt it. I’m fortunate that at this present moment I only have myself and my cat to support, with no desire for a family of my own just yet. If circumstances change them I and my routine would evolve with it.

Describe your studio:

I have a 200 square ft room in an old secondary school building built in the 1930’s just outside Edinburgh. I make it sound glamorous, it isn’t and it’s why there is only photographs of the interior of my room on my Facebook page. When I first took the space, it was an empty room and over 3 months I purpose built it into a kiln and flameworking studio. I have three glass kilns in there, the biggest is a 2mx1m flat bed and the smallest is the beadkiln. Much of what I undertake is kiln work, including screen-printing with enamels and lost wax casting so the three main workbenches reflect those activities. One bench is a 5ft lightbox, steam bed, mold mixing & storage unit, another is a duel size cutting table with a flip down top and the last is a dedicated cold working area with flat disc grinder, ringsaw, pillar drill and other hand tools. Every possible bit of space is used and serves usually more than once function. I think the only space that isn’t used is the ceiling!

Tell me something about you:

There’s really not much to tell, I’m quite boring in that my entire existence revolves around my glass and occasionally my cat. In my mind, I still have another year or so before I hit 30 and then I might have to be more sensible but till then, I’m living my dream and taking all the opportunities I can to enjoy my work! But if you really want to get some more information about me, my past adventures, or even how I ended up naked in Trafalgar Square in the name of art, them please feel free to contact me via my website, Facebook, Twitter or Etsy!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Meet Jen of foolishthings

I am pleased to introduce you to Jen of foolishthings
You can visit her shop here:

What triggers ideas for new projects?
I dont think anyone ever really knows whats going to trigger a new idea. Sometimes they just drop out of the sky out of nowhere, all ready to go. Other times its like watching a person on a bicycle slowly riding towards you. You have an idea, and it slowly gets closer and closer, from a black speck in distance to right in front of you, ready to attempt- fleshed out enough to try. I got an idea at the tire store the other day, waiting for a rotation. Who knows. . . I get ideas throughout the week (maybe on average 6-8) typically though, these ideas are in other mediums (metalwork, glassblowing, paper), but exploring these other ideas beyond a general sketch isnt typically feasible, afterall, the tools required, and materials neccessary, not to mention my possible lack of any execution skills, prevent me (currently) from trying out.

Do you feel that choosing the artist’s life has been a sacrifice?
Living An artists life isnt a sacrifice, its a risk. The true sacifice is when you dont pursue the ideas, dont try out the direction. A career is a plane ride. When you become an accountant or a dentist, you exit the plane when you land at your destination, its safe. You know where youre going to land, what time, how much yearly salary, so on. Go artisitic, same airplane, but you sky dive mid-flight, jumping right out the bay door, hoping your passion and/or talent open your parachute. You dont kmow where youre going to land, or even if you'll survive the jump. So you may not survive the leap, but the view is so much sweeter.

Describe your work area/studio:
My current workspace is in my dining room. I keep telling myself thats how Martha Stewart started out. And if its not, well I dont wanna know. I'm looking for a more appropriate location, because a minimum distance of 1 mile may be required for me to no longer find glitter specs housewide.

Tell me something about you:
The best thing to know about me is I'm happy. I just turned 40 this year, been married for 13 years, I'm a cancer, hate sour patch kids candy, have never been able to do a cartwheel, not a real drinker, and smoke about 4 cigarettes a day. But I'm trying to quit. Really. But probably not today. I'm not an heiress or independently wealthy, which I'm okay with that. I live in a small beach/surf community surrounded by locals that are too fantastic for words. My kids dont lack for love or life, but I wish our schools were better. I feel good about trying something bigger or different to show them I'm not afraid to try and fail. I've succeeded at plenty, so a little failure isnt going to kill me. I get to talk to great people worldwide, like you, who have their own pocket of the world I get to chat with. I like the community idea.