Thursday, January 21, 2010

Meet Maxine Of Girlfriday1962

Meet Maxine Of girlfriday1962

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How many years have you worked with glass?
Since beginning of 2006 - with a gap in between to have kids. So let's call it 4 years. I had discovered lampwork probably about 6 months prior though, but it took me that long to find out about info and classes and forums and terminology etc... only to discover the workshop across the road from my husband's business stocks glass and has courses... talk about a small world!

What triggers ideas for new projects?
I love cartoons and I always wanted to be a cartoonist when I was little. I have always doodled and drawn cartoons, but took a very particular liking to the far out bent cartoons of the 1930's as well as the old Looney Tunes of the 1950's and 60's. 3 Little Bops would have to be my all time favourite.

When do ideas come to you? How often?
I am a wee bit of a nerd like this... someone will say something to me and I (for a joke) say "Yeah let's turn that into a bead...". I should keep quiet sometimes! I have a warped sense of humour, and ideas come to me any time of the day or night. If I were any more organised, I would have a notepad to jot them down on. At the moment I have a list of shopping dockets with bead ideas scrawled on the back of them.

What percentage of the day do you think about or work on your art?
Gosh... my family think I am a wee bit obsessed, so probably 70 to 80% - not all in one hit mind you! it's normally like a few seconds grab here and there... "Oh I like the colour of that fabric, wonder how I can translate that in glass?"

Do you create daily?
Pretty much. I torch when my kids go to bed... it's like my wind down time. And I am a morning person, so if I get up really early I might light up... until I hear the rumble of little feet coming towards the studio... then it's time to put on my parent hat!How important is it for you to create art?It is an outlet to me... I don't think about anything else when I torch... I don't think about if I have had a bad day or not. I have been looking for a creative outlet for years and I am certainly glad glass found me.

Do you feel that choosing the artist's life has been a sacrifice?
No... because I absolutely LOVE working with glass... so any 'pitfalls' are just something I look at, think about for 5 minutes then move on.

Describe your studio:
Messy and waaaay too small... it is in our garage at the moment and I really need a "Chick Shed" of my own.

Tell me something about you:
I have a warped sense of humour - it sometimes gets me in trouble! I love seeing the funny side of things. Erm... what else? I love retro stuff... anything pre 1962 - which is the year of my vintage Triumph motorbike. I drive an old car and am currently restoring a 1946 Chev. I also love sewing, and collect vintage fabrics and sewing patterns.